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So Who'S in the band now?

Over the years the band has had a number of musicians come and go, yet many of the same faces still seem to be hanging around. At our core the band is made up of  percussion, bass, mandolin, keyboard and guitar. The band always welcomes the Temple's cantor or soloist as an honorary member, each bringing their own instrumentation and sense of musical style. We often play with other members of the congregation during festival celebrations, like Simchat Torah or Hanukkah. We proudly introduce our current lineup:


Barbara Mazer Gross- Guitar, Vocals

A classically trained soloist, songleader, music teacher and choir director since 1995.  Past NFTY regional songleader and cantorial soloist in St. Louis, Columbus and Pinellas County  Reform congregations.  Currently consulting for nonprofits when she's not chasing her two young 'uns around.

Rebecca Zapen- Violin, Guitar, Vocals

Rebecca is a third-generation, multi-instrumentalist exploring her love of Jewish music. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude from FSU with degrees in both Biology and Music. We just know that this award-winning singer, songwriter and instrumentalist is smarter than a 5th grader!

Douglas Lichterman- Percussion, Guitar

Finding his way to St. Pete from time spent in Detroit, San Francisco and New York City, this National Endowment for the Arts Fellow plays jazz professionally and teaches guitar. His love of rhythm and timekeeping drew him to percussion, and he keeps a strong, steady beat for the band on the djembe.

Lance Lubin- Mandolin, Vocals

Lance is a Certified Director in the Barbershop Harmony Society, Associate Director of the Florida Suncoast Chorus, sings in a State ranked quartet and has toured in USO bands. Currently a Real Estate broker, he grew up at Temple and is both the shortest and baldest member of the band.

Stephen Miller- Bass

Converted from a trombone player in high school band, this self-taught bassist plays so many styles it'll make your head pound! Bluegrass, singer-songwriter, rock, pop, jazz, funk... he does it all. Just don't ask him to wear a uniform, though  you could always ask this CPA a tax question.

Jon Rosenbluth- Guitar

Jon's been involved at Temple Beth-El since his family joined when he was 12 years old. A latecomer to the world of music, Jon began his guitar journey when his kids left the house for college. Being in the jammin' jews allows this CFPTM to stay active in Temple life and close to his good friends in the band.

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