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The Band

Originally put together as an accompaniment for former Cantor Sharon Reaboi-Brown, the band has been a fixture at Temple Beth-El and has remained the backbone of the contemporary music services throught the tenures of numbers of different cantorial soloists and song leaders. The jammin' jews continue to delight and entertain congregants with both traditional and contemporary Jewish prayer music.


While the band's style is somewhat hard to categorize, it is certainly distinctive and energetic. You might call us a klezmer grassfire band, a combination of klezmer, bluegrass and campfire genres, but we believe the sum total of each band member's individual musical experience adds an element to our style that makes it mostly- fun!


You'll probably see us playing at Temple, but you never know, we get out in the community, too. Be it at Benjamin Tower for a Shabbat dinner, the Holocaust Museum for a Hanukkah program, serenading the FAST volunteers at Espiritu Santo Catholic Church or sharing the Coliseum stage with the Israeli band Moshav celebrating Israel's 60th birthday party, we hope to play for you soon.

Can't make it to Temple for Shabbat? Livesteaming of most services is available on Temple Beth-El's website. Log in and enjoy!

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